Superhero Ragdoll Crush

4.4 ( 9414 ratings )
ألعاب لغز الممرات
المطور: Oleg Myakishev

Superhero Ragdoll Crush — the villain are about to kill superheroes in revenge.

You see a big engine, a sort of a machine of death. So, you have to overcome all its levels and win this cruel killer-machine. Listen, your mission is to aim at it, fire from a cannon, you definitely have to win!

With every shot you will learn a lesson. Nothing could be the same here, no one shot, and nobody knows what could happen after you pushing the start-botton. By the way, there is a medieval torture-engine with modern equipment including laser devices and so on.

In the game Superhero Ragdoll Crush you couldnt avoid damages on your body. The cannon always will fire a shot. It will never ends.

The developers havent got any limits to make the game such a thrilling one, and now you can enjoy it for a long time.